27 May 2019 /

15 ways how to make money online



Either because of the competition or the lack of lucrative opportunities, it’s not easy to earn online today. Still, no matter of all of that, I have faith and I love my internet.

These are some ideas for online income that you can apply basically on almost any online website, but they are not the most distinctive ways to make a living online, still they might help an avid person to start and continue earning.

So, let’s start and see what can you do. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

🔷 Commenting

You can comment where ever - the most popular ways are various chatting and discussion websites. It is unlikely that you will get rich on those website, but it has a stable community and easy topics. Minimal payment threshold is usually very low. If a payout depends on quality, make sure to arm yourself with a great vocabulary, the Grammarly app and a effort to write a decent comments of an appropriate word count.

🔷 Writing short posts

The short post includes anything under 500 words. The notorious content mills will pay you, but if you are not thinking in a right direction they can also drain your energy and all the free time you have. The best course of action is to write about something that amuses you or about something you know a lot in a concise and informative matter. The short post do not include art or fiction, so they are usually some sort of opinions, reviews or tutorials.

🔷 Forums

The most popular way of getting paid for a few posts daily are various forums. If you are apt to this job you can try Forumcoin, The Forum Wheel, Beer Money Forum or Postloop. Minimal payment threshold is different for an every forum, all of them have Paypal payment option. Forums have the same rules like the commenting, do not join in with the boards where you have nothing relevant to share or contribute.

🔷 Task websites

The task websites will give you a large list of the small online tasks usually including to like, comment, follow or tweet on something. If you are interested to provide such a service you can join in with the Microworkers, Picoworkers, Rapidworkers, Usability and Crowdflower. Minimal payment threshold is different for an each task website but they are usually just a few dollars each. Payment options include Paypal. In the crypto hemisphere the most popular websites include the various automatic bounty boards, airdrops projects and similar. For this career you will need a solid email provider, good and fast browser and a nice pack of social media accounts in good standing.

🔷 Blogging

You can set up your own blog and monetize it either with the services, adverts or the combination on Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr ( and similar) or you can use already populated environment like the Medium, Quora, Steemit, Whaleshres, Trybe and similar. This is by far my favorite thing to do. Blogging can be very lucrative thing if you find a very good spot to apply your verbal skills. The blogging requires the patience, versatility and pretty good knowledge of the language. It also requires a lots of multitasking. If you know how, always try to have your own website, blog or a forum to extend your knowledge.

🔷 Calls reviewing

If you are not intimidated to review and listen miles long phone calls of the car dealers I suggest you head over to the Humanatic and try your luck. At first, you will be bored and an income won’t make much, but later you will advance much faster. Minimal payment threshold is $10 paid by Paypal. You will need a good pair of headphones and a solid internet connection. Personally I find this activity overbearing and terrible, but some people are extremely successful and like doing it. Humanatic can also be a bright spot in your portfolio if you are looking to join some other, better paid websites that require typing and transliteration skills.

🔷 Translations

You can find translation jobs either on the job boards or you can join in with the specialized pages that sell translations. Check the Translatorscafe, they even have a forum where you can exchange the knowledge and show your skills. What I was told the Spanish and Portuguese are somehow the most wanted, but this is not the rule. Usually the knowledge of some exotic language is completely useless, so if you want to score high in this business, then better start learning the Spanish, French, German, Italian or similar well known and wanted languages.

🔷 Gigs

The best-known gig website is Fiverr. Put your advert for a service on it, advertise it and earn. The only downfall is that they take one dollar fee per 5 dollars gig, which is kind of a good chunk, so be sure you are offering something that you can complete in a very short time. Minimal payment threshold on Fiverr is $1 paid to Paypal or $5 paid to Fiverr Revenue Card.

🔷 Freelancing

You can put a price on virtually any skill you want to trade for money and search the job boards. You can check the Upwork and Guru, they have a rich daily offer of various jobs from the ghostwriting to programming. Usually every sort of a website that keeps own status on a serious level will have some sort oo an exchange or a marketplace.

🔷 Selling on LetGo

Whatever you don’t need just put for sales on LetGo, it is a mobile application and you can use it for the local selling on your location or a town. It is very easy to use and you will be able to receive a payment directly from your buyer because an app doesn’t have any payment option, it is strictly for the contact.

🔷 Bitcointalk

The most famous forum, where you can monetize your skills, commenting, tweets and even your own signature. You can earn from a few cents to a decent sum. This is a forum based on Bitcoin, other altcoins might also have similar forums where you can work for coins and afterwards exchange it on the various trading platforms. You will need a functional email, social accounts in good standing, crypto wallets and accounts on at least a few trading platforms.

🔷 Video websites

If you like to make videos and have all the gear there is no reason to try to do something with the Youtube, Dailymotion or DTube. It can earn you a decent income and you will also have lots of fun doing it. You will need a phone or a camera and if you want to edit your videos, then some sort of a video editing software.

You can use a link shorteners and share various interesting news and content on the social media. If you have a huge following base on the Twitter or Facebook, you can use quite a decent income by these things. You can sign up for short.st, by my knowledge they pay the best per click. Minimal payment threshold is $5 for Shorte.st and it is very similar with every other link shortener.

🔷 Faucets

Clicking rewards on the faucet pages can be boring, but in a long run in with a good referral base, it can be quite lucrative. They don’t give out like they use to but still, you can make a decent income.

🔷 PPC and referrals

If you plan to run any referral campaign you will have to be prepared to invest some time to share your referral links and advertising your offer. This job is appropriate for a people who already have a huge online following and social presence, as they will need to build a huge referral tree to secure a steady flow of income.