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Alternatives to popular social media platforms, websites and services


This is a list of the websites, social media platform alternatives and various services/applications that I use almost daily. Some alternatives are an exact substitute and some are just as nearly good as a popular version, or they serve me for some reason even better. I do not swap them completely with the alternatives, I am giving you an insight that there are similar websites which you can use as well, different and based on your interest.

Chrome, Firefox: Opera, Dissenter, Tor

Both the Chrome and Firefox are ok, but the fact is, if you don’t mind being tracked by V=Chrome wherever you go, that both of them can get pretty bulky and spend a lots of pc/laptop resources, when finally you will wind up with a very slow browser.
Unlike them Opera, Dissenter and Tor are really fast plus they offer the various level of security. With Opera you will pretty much need to install extensions while with other two they do all the work right form the start.
The good thing is that they are compatible with the most of extensions for the Firefox and Chrome.

Google Search: Presearch, Disroot

Guilty as charged, I use the Google Search almost daily and I am constantly digging in the browser, trying to learn some new stuff.
But, my “learning” is in no way paid and I am wasting my time an each time I press the search button. Presearch changed that as they actually pay me to do it.
Disroot Sears in the other hand allows us to search without being tracked.

GMail: ProtonMail

The first thing that made me change into another suit is the fact that I need three times more time to load Gmail dashboard in comparison to Protonmail. If you do not need the emails for nothing else but the signup, nor using it for the correspondence, then a free limited version of the Protonmail is the best thing you can have as it is encrypted and very safe.

Facebook: Gab

Until I found Gab, the Facebook was left without the alternative. I still have my Facebook and my Facebook page, and I tamper with Developers console there, but the actual social side of it died for me a long time ago.
For some reason I find the Gab to be exactly what and where I want to be.

Notable suggestions: In case that you like alternative stuff and conspiracy theories… you can proceed to OnStellar.

Tumblr: Whaleshares

The Whaleshares changed it’s policy and decided to cut on resources which made it similar to the Tumblr than anything. They also have friends and pods ( groups), that is similar to the options that Facebook offers, but the fact is that the whole thing is more basic, so I would say this is a Tumblr alternative. Besides, they pay.

Reddit: Steemit

Steemit was initially built to be a competitor to the Reddit. I don’t know how well their plan went, I mean I am there from the beginning but for most what I saw, the Steemit was always my preferable blogging platform. I also use Reddit for link sharing, but as well they have the part where we can write and the Reddit is a huge source of information and entertainment as well.

LinkedIn: Quora, Stackoverflow, Apsense

LinkedIn is a business network of professionals… well, you can do the same in any of the listed alternatives as well.
Quora and Stackoverflow are well known, anyone can demonstrate their own skills and expertise, I think even better than on the LinkedIn. Apsense is a bit less known.
I will not suggest you to shy away from the LinkedIn, it is good to have an updated profile there with current informations.

Freelancer: Gitcoin, Bounties Network, Bountyhub

The freelancer, Guru and Fiverr are a pain, as you have to build portfolio, maintain it, be always in check for perfection as a few minimal mistakes can ruin your reputation or client simply decides not to pay you… Also, waiting to be paid is a pain and many times the payment processors are a complete pain - either you do not have that one or they also require id verification, more time wasted, plus waiting to withdraw money - too much time wasted.
Gitcoin, Bounties, Bountyhub and even the Peerhub ( good idea but little to no traffic there) override all of that.
The another alternative are ICO and airdrops, usually that activity require social media accounts, trading platform accounts and similar to get you in the business.
But, waiting is either far less and documentation is not needed on an every step of a way, the tasks are in some cases even automated.

Pinterest: ImgUr, ImgBB

Both websites are very much similar and they both can give you traffic. With ImgUR you get a free image hosting which you can use for other websites. ImgBB is a very good image hosting solution, and it offers a website integration.

Viber, Facebook Messenger: Wowapp, Telegram, Discord

Which messenger you use highly depends on your circumstances, for example most of the people around me use the Facebook so the Messenger is their choice.
On the other hand most of the people I am surrounded during my work time online use Telegram and Discord. Wowapp is on the other hand paid-to-chat messenger and great if you chat frequently as it will pay back.

Twitter: Memocash

Twitter is slowly going into the sunset for me, my preferable alternative became the Memocash, because I do not need to worry about the spam and most of the people there are into the same or similar things I am, nor I am surrounded with automated accounts sharing links like crazy.
For somebody who likes bots like me it is kind of strange to say so, but a change of environment is a good thing. Twitter is full of double accounts and networkers there heard them in hundreds, if not thousands.

Instagram: Creary, Belacam, Steepshot

Instagram is only good if you have a topical account with 1000-5000 followers so you can sell your account postings to some rich advertiser. But, I do not use Instagram as a niche account and the whole thing is boring for me as I am not type of a person to scroll around watching images.
Still I draw, do digital art and I also like photography. For that purpose I use Creary to showcase my art, Belacam is ok for photos and from the Steem blockchain I like Steepshot as it is one of the most beautiful apps out there, just to use it.

Medium, Wordpress: Github, Publish0x, Cent

Medium is very popular, but it is paid. Wordpress is maybe very popular among some bloggers, but the console is bulky, slow and prone to various glitches.
Github is not exactly a blogging platform, unless you know how to host a blog there and you have to build all that from scratch. They make it easier with tutorials, but it is not for somebody who knows almost nothing about how to build or design a functional blog or a web page.
Publish0x gives you all tools at your disposal, the users can have up to three blogs there and the whole activity is paid with free tips the users can give to each other and also given and received views.
Cent is different, the earnings are predominantly from the tips but there are other ways to earn there. Replying on bounties is one of them.

Youtube: Bitchute, DTube, Bittube

Youtube is losing on popularity and from any reason given you can swap it for any of the listed services.
DTube is build upon STEEM blockchain and it will pay you for using it by community, Bitchute has various subscription methods and Bitube has both tips and mining option included in the earning scheme.

Soundcloud: Choon, DSound

Soundcloud offers only a limited resources to host your music or audio files, while both Choon and DSound will cover all your needs, plus you will get paid for using them.

Disqus, Facebook comments: Github issues

As I host blog on the Github I thought it is the most appropriate way to host my comments as well in the same platform, so I am using the Github issues to facilitate the discussion there. This means that you have to have Github account to comment on my blog.
The script that is connecting my blog and Issues is called the Utterance.

Google Notes: Turtl, SafeNotes, Typwrittr, Simplenotes

The Turtl and SafeNotes both use the encryption to store data, you can host it by them or take them off line in any way you like. Safe Notes are simplistic, while Turtl is robust and offers various great options.
Typewrittr is somehow similar to the Ghostwriter and FocusWriter for Linux, but it will host your text safely online. This is an in-browser online app.
Simplenotes same as Typewrittr will host your text online but you can use it across all platforms.

RSS, News: Quartz

For some reason I like the Quartz because it is very well done and on the mobile phone it is easy to use as their mini-app sums down all important daily news. This is great as I usually don’t have time to sit around and read too much in the news section.

I hope this will give you more insight in the application and web services you can use.

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