04 Jul 2019 /

Parody - Ancient Alien - I don’t care if I screw up as long as I am consistent with myself


So, after so many ups and downs, I thought out the best way how to control the Arpitrax symbiont. But that I guess, is not the smartest way. The best way is to attach the symbiont energy projection, called the Arpitrax, to myself. That disabled the imbalance, but it created the whole new dimension of the problems.

The welding together me and him was not nice or painless, but it went fine. A few first days I felt sleepy and tired all the time, until system closed completely. The symbiont changed and showed the signs of the improved energy levels. His neural pathways became more vibrant. Not only that the energy flows in that closed system, but also small fractals of living matter. If one unit needs something, it can take it from the another. That is the whole point of having a symbiont.

In the semi-closed system, everything was unstable. I could utilized the helmet against my pain, but he could not do anything without my intervention. That resulted in a mountain of a problematic situations, grumpiness and anger.

I was very grateful because I stopped experiencing the exploding headaches. The problem was that the symbiont started to use too much of the resources.
He also used the negative thoughts and emotions to grab even more from my side. At least it looked like that to me.

Separation would be equal of cutting own leg, but at that point I stopped caring because I saw what it looks like. He cared nothing if I experience pain or fatigue, and he didn’t care for this nonsense. Aside from a constant energy draining he had no attention to communicate. Instead he ignored me.

If he doesn’t care, I care neither, so I decided to go through with an idea to get rid of the armor. But, I was a bit late.

The whole armor of the Arpitrax sunk down into my own energy projection, it looked as there was no way to remove it. No matter how I tried to claw it off, there was nothing to get out from. It seemed that I completely assimilated the symbiont and it is futile to try taking it off like a glove. Instead, I surged through the realm arch and torch myself, hoping to get rid of the unwanted system parts.

Instead, I made us both sick, and right after that a picture and a sound disappeared. I saw a bright blue flash, and not really seeing where I am about to land I yelled - DREAM ABOUT ME!!!

I expected to land on some crude way, but I opened my eyes in the place that resembled a doctor’s office. I was sitting on one of those narrow medical bunks with elevated heading. I had no shoes, wearing my pink capris and a top part of my swim suite.

I looked around and I saw the symbiont sitting next to me. So, I thought to myself - Aw you want to play this game, well ok.
I asked him if everything is ok, and he told me that everything went fine and operation was successful.

Aha - I slouched on a bunk - so what was the problem? - I asked trying to fit inside of his narrative. For some reason he made me his size in a dream, even when in reality it is not the case.

We had to remove a tumor.. - he said.

A tumor - I asked in surprise - From where?

From your knee, it was a reason that you experienced all those problems. - His face was not showing any emotions, but voice sounded fit to a situation.

So… I had a tumor? - I was this close of losing my shit. - And what does it mean?

It means that you are not crazy, you had a tumor… - his till then expressionless face turned into a soft smile. It seemed like he could’t decipher my behavior.

So, I am not crazy, this is a tumor? - I said still baffled that my own symbiont thinks I am delusional.

Yes, but we taken care of that. - he nodded and showed me a gross recording of the whole ardeal. A brain like matter, similar to a mini brain being removed…

Aw, you taken care of that. Good to know. - I replied trying to unsee it.

Still - he continued - You could have some imbalance with your hormones, and it will make you confused…

Awww, confused - I nodded in approval while trying to chose an appropriate facial expression - So, what I have to do now? - In fact my fuse was running shortish.

Well, we have to test you first - he continued calm as he was before - We have an enzyme marker. It can detect a nature of your illness.

Sure - I slid down from the bunk and followed him in the room next to the office, it looked like some sort of laboratory. He opened one of the cabinets and showed me a plastic thin syringe. It was almost as long as my forearm and filled with a blue liquid.

Aw, great, I thought to myself - He will stick needles into my brain.

Here you go - he waved his palm in a odd almost cartoon-ish manner showing me to use it.

What I suppose to do with it? - I took it out and looked at him not getting what he wants me to do with it.

Here, I will show you - He took the another one from the cabinet - You have to spray it into your eye, it doesn’t hurt at all. - He put the syringe in front of his eyeball and sprayed the liquid without even blinking once. The white of his eye assumed an odd blue hue- It will not harm your vision, it can only cause your eye to tear a bit or be uncomfy for a few seconds…

Aha - I nodded messing with a syringe - So, I spray it and my eye color changes , or what…?

Yes, correct. - he said - Then we know for sure how to treat you.

Lol, how to treat me. That is a good one - I thought to myself - Let’s see what color I am.

So - I continued - a yellow, orange? Blue? - I gesticulated with the syringe holding it with my both hands - What is blue…?

Well, uh, it is a hysteria and … - he didn’t finished the sentence as I put the syringe the same way he did and splashed half of my face with that liquid.

So - I was sniffing through the running nose and teary eye - Uh, what color it is?

Uh… - he was moving my hands to see it better - Hmm…

Did it changed color? - I said trying to blink, stretching my face in a few directions and rolling my eyeballs around.

No, it didn’t - he said - What if you put it closer? How did you hold it…? Let me…

No, stop! - finally I had enough of the farce - Just stop!

Listen. This is not a dream. This is not a fantasy. I am really here. With all what I look like - my stupid capris, wearing a swim suite and a hair that looks like a Chernobyl accident. You are really talking to me. This is not a TUMORIZATION, TANTALIZATION, BRAIN DAMAGE or IMAGINATION. I am really here. Do you comprehend , you stupid fuck? - I was yelling at the confused man standing in front of me .
I am really a fucking Ancient Alien. I will transcribe all this the first thing tomorrow morning. So you can prove once again to yourself what kind of a humongous dick you are. I am not mentally challenged and as we are already there ( you male ‘puta’) get yourself a mirror, you look like a clown!!

I turned away from him and walked straight through the wall of the office leaving him speechless.

KIIIDDDDDD!! - I roared on top of my lungs summoning my hybrid child who landed a millisecond later next to me like a bag of potatoes.
We go down there in a town - I growl at her - I see a few souls seeking our attendance.
Yes Ma’… - she said cheerfully.
LAUNCH!! - I yelled and a second later we were about some man who was dreaming his family in the ice cream shop. It was nice.

In the morning the ray of light sting me in an eye ( Sun) and an un-disabled alarm poked me in an ear ( senility). I shook my kid next to me hiding as a turtle under a pile of covers and asked her how she liked an ice cream dream . - It was great - her voice disappeared while she was digging a tunnel under a pillow.

I got up feeling a slight dizziness from the things I tried to do the previous night with an armor. But, it didn’t work. No headache…