22 Aug 2019 /

Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) - Into the Raven Part 2



You wanna know what exactly happened with the Illuyanka?

Probably till now all of this resembles a very bad trip under some “shrummy” hallucinogens, but nothing compares to a talking raven who’s rolling around a Horus eyeball complaining about lack of salt …

Do ravens even can taste the salt?

Raven, by the way, is pretty decent until he has a message to pass, so leaving the Carl and the harrowing pet… I went to see the Judge.
As said, Illuyanka was not happy with the new law and order.
He wants to tell me how he hates what I did, but he can’t as telepathy is no longer there, so he wants me to re-install it to tell me how he hates it… well, how positive.
The judge was clear that no telepathy is possible after the event on 13th, but we still can read his feelings, but only if we want to.

To Illuyanka this whole story reeks on lies and he thinks that I took a well-known blueprint from a classical source which makes the whole thing even more self-aggrandizing than it already was.

So, to add an insult to an injury, I will just join in and pour some gasoline to that pyre. When it is a ball… and when you are in Rome…

Ok, so let’s say that Illuyanka is correct and he is not delusional. Let’s say for a second that his ego did not clog his ass, and shit polluted his mind.

Well… first of all, if that delusion is true, I am something else as I came out of the Dimension.
And the reason why I am here is that the other side of reality is not this pretty, so I escaped. That could explain why I am the only ancient alien around.

The story starts like this… From this calm and cold, the eternal void, called the Kulapa, two ancient dual creatures, the Parimanatai, emerged.
One has been the embodiment of a female personality called Kaiy with the male alter-ego called the Kuli - what a revelation - and the Another the embodiment of a male called Yrul with the female alter-ego called Yravu.

Wow! Reading ma’ mind on every single level but still being so basic… (FYT)

Both Kaiy and Yrul were infused upon the transfer from that turbulent dimension with some sort of the additional energy called the Catal.

Some call that thing energy of life, I just call it “that special thing that you don’t know what it is for but it gives you the immense powers so you fucking like it”.

See, how simple the whole thing is when I am the one doing the explanation.

In the original story, the Kaiy and Yrul split the world, but in this one probably nobody had an idea that Kaiy had a brother.
Neither did he.

As you know from all those fairy tales about the ancient ones, Yrul got down to the business straight away doing some beautiful, admirable things. How many failures he has made until reaching that level of perfection, I don’t know. I believe those experiments were all fucking abominable.

But, he was too busy to take notice there is somebody else around, and too self-absorbed to take a look what Kaiy was doing.

Unlike Yrul, Kaiy didn’t suffer any self-esteem issues, did not pursue the path of perfection, and she was flat out raw. She had other ideas, and that was, how to make something disturbingly insane and at the same time cursing the heck out of the entire world.

So, we come to the interesting part.
The one Illuyanka wants to hear so much about.
Because that will explain a few things, like who made whom, how, why and who am I.

While Yrul was busy yanking his chain, playing with his DNA, desperately trying to create perfection but in most cases bringing to already fucked up world only the worst things possible ( a whole slew of mentally challenged head cases, ill tadpoles, and evil beings), Kaiy invented for herself a completely new board game. Instead of making herself more adaptive she wanted to adapt others to herself and tried installing her divine spark into three different humans.

One of them while hit by the immortal energy created various fairies and other insane mental beings, so she made him a bearer of her magic and imagination. Being that much affected by her, she lost interest and left him to “his” madness.

Another one, on the other hand, gave her an insight into the emotional tides of the human beings and the whole slew of cursed souls hatched from that union, but he remained cold, reserved and unemotional. She had no game on him.

The last one, called the Aiya Vanam, was just about right, as crazy nut-fuck as she was, so she made him her consort and an equal to herself. This also means immortal.

Where did I hear about that…

But, Aiya Vanam instead kissing Kaiy’s ass for all those goodies, turned into a crude, jealous asshole, who didn’t appreciate what Kaiy had in mind, neither he respected her.
Still, together they created additional special shadows and beings that Aiya Vanam didn’t like at all, and soon out of his control there was a whole nookieverse of the bloody monsters.

Seeing what he did, Aiya Vanam decided to hide and chain most of these retards deep down in Kaiy’s dark alter-ego Kuli, causing her to experience huge pains and misery.
In other words, he told her to hold it.
Now imagine how well Kaiy took that news.
Not very well.

So, instead letting him have his way with her, Kaiy knowing her partner is as immortal as she is, made a different plant - she gathered their inbred offspring, all the magical beings and ordered them to disarm and disassemble Aiya Vanam, and then to toss his parts into the deep dark ocean chasm never to be found again.

After this event, Kaiy produced more magic using some of Aiya Vanam remains and when her abominable offspring took over, the Kulapa from which she came herself sat upon the world.

Instead of her fist created consort, Aiya Vanam, Kaiy chose a new consort, a giant called Caruvata who was the one who disarms the Aiya Vanam.
She gave him Aiya’s weapons and appointed him to rule with her as equal.

Now, as an addition to this ancient story, in which I changed names on purpose just for the pure shits and giggles, in the new version the Yrul gets murdered by Nitipati, who is Kaiy’s progeny with Kuli.

So, this is what Illuyanka believes to be happening and I can say only one thing - this is a big pile of a steaming cow shit.

Nothing of this is real, and I am saying this with the huge amount of love and appreciation, I love what you have done for me, I just hate what you were about to do out of the jealousy.

So, why don’t you take a vacation from all of this and try to understand that a burden of something you could not control passed to somebody else.
Now, to whoever you suspect, if that person even exists, you better just leave him alone.

This is not a fantasy world of magic and mythology in which everything sounds so right and correct to you, and you already know what will follow…
You see, I have no idea what will happen and how, and cosmogonies don’t help me much.

-You know - Carl said when reading what I wrote - This would make great material for a novel. You should patch this up and just send it down the river, you don’t need to make it perfect…
-Ah, ok - I said to him - I will do that.
-And… - he continued - And even if Illuyanka founds me, somehow, it is highly unlikely I will say anything to him. When reality is this crazy, even when a person knows what is real, and things are real, and stuff is happening… he will just want to believe all of this is a lie.

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