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Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) - Into the Raven - Fiction






Early in the morning I was awoken by a noise coming from the kitchen. I was thinking for a second and then stormed headlong out of my bed…

-Shi…! - I hissed at the huge fella who looked at me confused - You got out! How?!
-What do you mean how…? - Carl asked deadpan

-What are you doing…?
-I didn’t want to wait till you get up so I went out and …am making you a coffee…-

-What do you mean ‘making me a coffee’! What if somebody sees you, man!?
-Like how …? - he grinned at me still confused - And why should I care…

-Why should you… Well, you are only a seven feet-something tall giant who resembles a Nordic god… no issue whatsoever … By the way, how is the Arpitrax - I was observing Carl and realizing how well the whole armor thing blended with him.
-Aw, it is great! - he smiled and placed the biggest cup he could find on a table - Here take a cup…

-That’s no cup, that’s a soup bowl… - I said - As you are already here, I want to talk to you. Wait for a second… - I went to another room and rolled one of the armchairs for my pal.
-It really doesn’t matter if I stand or sit, you know - he was chuckling on my effort -

-It matters to me - I said when he sat down comfortably - I feel like I am standing under a landslide.
-Hah! By the way, I wish to go out today as soon as possible, so if you can do this morning routine, coffee, breakfast, shower faster this time? Do you need help with it? -

-Help? Like what? - I said holding my soup/coffee bowl - Do you want to speed up my bath by soaking me in this coffee cup and then washing me under a tap…?
-No, no… hahahaha! - he chuckled - Just enjoy… By the way, you liked a lunch yesterday, I have other ideas too, but I have one suggestion. I made a lunch for you and your folks, not for the internet …

-Ok, fine, I will not post my horrendous dishes online anymore, and lunch was great, much better than I ever made myself.
-Thank you. - he smiled satisfied.

-It is just a wonder - I continued - how well you fit the Arpitrax, it is like it was made for you.
-I think that I was made for the Arpitrax… - he said that and then changed the topic quickly - You visited Illuyanka down in the chasm again?

-Aw, yes.-
-Same like before…?_

-Completely the same. He is trying to go through the shield. - I said thinking how all of this is kind of strange - Don’t you feel a bit guilty for taking the Arpitrax away from him?
-He was unable to control his impulses - Carl said - And the Judge ruled him out… -

-Well, yeah, the Judge opted for the mercy. -
-Very merciful Judge, I am sure a creator is very proud on His creation - Carl said and added in a different tone of the voice - …depending on whose will the Judge is channeling…

-Ok, I have to ask you a few things - I said and then went into a waterfall of the questions -
-I know you will, I feel your doubt, it is not going away -

-It is not going away, because it is kind of strange, I talked to the Judge about you, and there is not a single piece of intel that you should be here. I knew that I have to detach Illuyanka on 13th August, it was said that some sort of a princess shall arrive, and then there are 13 weeks until 11.11…
-Again that number? - Carl said leaning back in the chair - The last time they shook a planet… Quite a display of power, don’t you think? -

-And… at the same date, a black hole in the middle of our galaxy flared immensely … That is too much of the coincidence. Do you know anything about that?
-I woke up after you took over the Arpitrax…- Carl added in a calm voice -

-Then I was thinking about your layered identity, and behavior… -
-I am probably made of all the things you approve or like, and you know what is my job, right? -

-You are an owner of the Arpitrax, I know…-
-My job is to secure you and to keep you from wrecking up my vehicle and to keep all the bells and whistles checked…-

-Your vehicle… Ok. -
-Yes, so what else is bothering you…?-

-I also asked the Judge to check you up, and everything seems more than perfect… But, I also was thinking about those happy village people and what they said. The origin of Illuyanka and the guy who made him.-
-Why don’t you ever call him by his name? - Carl asked - That character, an alien sphere, had a name, correct? -

-Yes, but I rather not…- I looked at Carl and he was more than curious about what is on my mind and more important - as he is telepathic - how will I explain all of that to him. - The thing is that those folks told me that … “he” was doing something to them and that they disabled him partially, but I think that they crippled him and after his perversion turned around completely, he started to invoke others to do to him what once he was doing to them. I think that even with his small size they were unable to control his telepathy so they poisoned his body and his mind went places… That would explain how he despite his size could escape their guardian.
-You think I am him, correct? -

-With that sort of ability, it is clear as a day that he could make any kind of a manipulation…-
-Well, what kind of a sphere he had? - Carl asked now very serious

-And I have what kind…?-

-…which means he was using some sort of a cloaking technique to hide his true size and real sphere from me and everyone else. Strangely, I was able to fry him so easily when we had an argument.-
-Have you tried anything else on him but violence? - Carl asked repositioning his body in the armchair; that guy is really big, I thought to myself, I felt like a mouse next to him -

-No, there was no question about it… - I said thinking of other things that may connect Carl with the deceased alien - The fact is that I felt his body dying, later we found the Construct that was disproportional to his size and I know for sure that those happy village people don’t release their accumulated force spontaneously, but they plan where they will release it…So, they have control above it, which leads me to another question, if he is dormant somewhere and something more - why to accumulate all that extra power and energy, and then release it somewhere in space just because of of…- -…when you can - Carl finished my thought - reposition the force and a mind sphere in a living thing and continue existing?

-Well, yes… - I said - Something like that.-
-That is an interesting theory. - Carl continued - Maybe you should ask them why they are doing that?-

-Also, your size, you are not just tall, our humans are tall in a different way, you are completely proportional, that is kind of weird…-
-Do you think that those happy village people are much bigger than humans due to their evolution? - Carl asked - Well, they could be, but in that case, my size would be nearly average - BUT! - I think that my appearance is more related to the actual size of the Arpitrax and not my relation to those people, and the fact I am perfectly aligned to it and Illuyanka was not is because he was a megalomaniac and he made the Arpitrax too big.

-I didn’t think about it in that way… - I concluded and shrugged. -
-What was your alien accomplice doing, do you know why he was punished by the Judge if that was a Judge … ?-

-You don’t seem to appreciate those happy people at all…-
-I kind of have a problem appreciating some omnipresent force that … by your own words … cripple people. You said that. -

-He was making experiments on children..?-
-So what makes them so different from him? - Carl asked me and then seeing I am not feeling comfortable changed the topic again - That message that you received, about the princess, is that from them or the unknown entity you suspect to be The Boss. Or The God?-

-I have a feeling that everything was from the unknown entity - I said in one breath - I didn’t receive anything from them in a long time, and when we talked the quality of the signal was completely different. They believe that I am capable of using the fourth ghost and the ninth level and that the messages are somehow transmitted through that level to me.-
-So, you think I am an evil sky god…? - He chuckled at me quite fondly - My sphere is smaller than yours, was I an alien villain don’t you think I would be significantly bigger… and …-

-Fine… - I said stopping him - I just don’t understand how those super-spheres could not deal with him in a more humane and “normal” way? -
-Depends what they consider the norm… - Carl shrugged - And maybe the size is not everything, they have no explanation for you either. -

-They also had no explanation about the Illuyanka, in fact they never even mentioned him after we merged, so I am pretty sure that the message and whatever caused us to split came from something far bigger than any of them…- I continued - Plus, the Judge was very clear that when we merged Illuyanka was no longer visible, so I assume they couldn’t see him either. Or you.
-Please tell me - Carl continued and smiled at me - Did you talked to these people ever after you merged with the Arpitrax?

-No, I do not remember talking to them a single time after that - I said after thinking about his question for a few seconds. - It is strange that you knew exactly where to put Illuyanka…-
-Illuyanka does not exist anymore - Carl stopped me - That thing you saw in Chasm is a tantalizer, whom you tantalize and … - he smiled into his chin again - … Illuyanka was made of a person, tantalizer, and an Arpitrax… - now it is only a man with a tantalized mind… sort of… - he stopped for second thinking - You don’t feel any telepathy from him? Not any more?

-No, not really. I mean I can read him to a certain extent, but no, he can’t send me anything…-
-But, you can tease him… hahahaha! - Just make sure to keep him at distance… - then he stopped again and asked me very curiously - What is it like? What do you feel from him? - I could tell he was very intrigued by the whole situation.

-Besides the famine and lust pretty much nothing…-
-Aw, wow, that must be something - he said cringing and giggling at the same time - So what did you… you know… do to him today? - he continued glaring at me.

-Ummmm, are you sure you want to hear that…? - I asked feeling an odd vibration from Carl. - It is not very…-
-Aw, come on! - he chuckled- Just tell me…!

-I grabbed one of his spears when he came in front of the shield and stick that poker through my palm down into my wrist… ‘
-Awwwww… holy shit, terrible….! - he leaned sideways on the armchair - Whaaaaaat!?

-Twice… - I looked at his super surprised face - I wanted to check if he can harm me he can’t…
-Did it ever crossed your mind that … maybe he is not interested to cause you pain? - Carl was gasping for air - Have you done anything else to that thing?

-He managed to pass by the shield, but I detached him this time - I added proud of my accomplishment - No problem this time…
-Woooow! No problem this time? Maybe, perhaps, possibly… because I was not there this time and he does not want to force you or fight you…?

-Ummm… he does slam against those shields hard… - I was trying to sound persuasive, but at the same time I was rethinking the whole scenario
-Against the shields, yes, but not against you…- Carl sighed - Can we now have a peaceful period without you having tournaments with your ex symbiont, please?

-I am trying to figure out what he is and how he ended up being at the higher levels… - I said that but in fact, I just wanted to see him and this was a lame excuse. - He seems to be comfortable down there…
-Aw, I bet he is. - Carl nodded rolling his eyes around - You miss him, huh?

-Yeah… -
-Well, it is fine. As long as you don’t stick your head into his mouth or … do something else with him…-

-I think I lost the appetite…-
-It doesn’t look like that to me…-

-It is… When I see that my enthusiasm deflates fast… -
-It would be easier if I could have access to that part of your memory…-

-I don’t think that anyone will have bloody access to that part of my damn memory…-
-Can you include me in the stream as well… when that … starts… streaming…eh? -

-Nothing is streaming, why are you suddenly interested… you told me if anything happens with my feelings to simply push you in my head and I will normalize, now - you want to stream, huh?

-I am just very curious what is going on and why are you so interested to maintain communication with that unsettling incubus even when he proved to be a huge liability?
-Ok, for a start he is not an incubus, ok, maybe a little, and I miss him a lot but I rather have him close, I have no idea if he can swim out… -

-No, he can’t unless some burning trouble takes him out, for example on her pretty cute skull. Stapled there with the magical nail gun…
-Ok, ok, I will not nail anything into my head, and it is an octopus, or a mollusk, or a sponge with an overgrown brain - hahahaha! - so don’t laugh at me and do not wink, how much fire do you think an octopus has…

-I don’t know, I never tried telepathically connecting to one, I guess you will have to show me to give you a fair opinion … -
-I don’t think so..-

-Or in case you wish to do it… Carl sprawled across the table - I wish to be included, to… prevent any other energy being assimilated by your little cannibalistic beast.
-What!? - I yelled at him - Nobody is doing anything and no! Over! We are done! -

-I can send him a signal right now, I bet he is very lonely and desperate to bite into a nice piece of … a thought… - he was blushing and laughing. - So starved… Poor thing.
-You are seriously becoming very kinky … -

-You are the one whose ex symbiont has tentacles, not me… - Carl waved his hands no and slumped back into an armchair - And when did you see ME being kinky?
-Right now… - I said to him feeling every second my intelligence is deflating bit by bit.

-I am just trying to be practical and you are not thinking clearly at all. - Carl laughed still blushing and hiccuping at my discomfort. - I am simply worried about your safety, and it is obvious that you have unsolved things with that creature, so let’s solve it. Now you have me, we can deal with all of this together.

-It is a bad idea… -
-What could possibly go wrong, his energy is below zero…-

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