Chronicles of Ancient Alien/

Username Stay here with me





Hello, my name is… but you already know my name … “They” call me a big headed astronaut and this happens when I randomly borrow people without knowing what am I doing, or it is maybe an Arpitrax to be blamed?

Yes, they all expect me to be exactly as in a description after and under the imaginative story I write, ... but they all expect I am in one piece, they have no idea, it is easier to sell an idea of God. Yes, it exists, same as the reality is quite different, and a fabric is very much vivid, for me, it is only a matter of a lucid moment when you all will see it, but are you crazy, right? There simple can not be so many "matters", for you, it is true. But what is the matter, than a speed of energy, it defines absolutely everything. It is the same thing. Aw it is not the speed? Aw I am so sorry. How do you call it? LOL "Maybe" the whole is just a signal, convoluted in and out, speeding across the construct with an each part bigger being faster. Never thought about it, right? It is stupid, I know, but that's why it exists. Some parts are, though, a little different, that's why it moves.

Username @Pleasestayherewithme, read, just to note you, that was not one of your characters. And for the glimpse of a moment you seemed to be fully conscious what is going on, but then again you dropped down in a chaotic randomness. Yes, it felt real as the real can be, because it is. And about the whole thing, should I recite to you, step by step? Maybe I should…

Funny feeling, looking across a shoulder, <insert the description, blah, blah, blah>, we will catch that part later, now to speed up to the main part - Did you know that, did you doubt that, hahaha? Stupid conversation, more like a chitchat.

Maybe I am the one who knew it all along, or maybe not, maybe I pretended it is something else and now somehow I have a desire to see something more. Why you humans have such a savvy brains? Stupid or smart, you definitely miss a part… And what more can I see in this screaming, crying mess of a poltroon thoughts an subtly stashed traps of the mind? Do you know what they even mean?

Who are those people, what is that place, why are the lights so twinkling and bright, is it a night under the candles, what is going on, I am swapping faces too fast, what do you want, who should I be, why are the things so darn big, damn, that bus is humongous, the trees are enormous, half of the stuff you don’t notice, don’t see, who is that ghastly woman, aw come on, she doesn’t give a fuck, everyone is watching, this suppose to be embarrassing, I don’t care, so shouldn’t you, why are you listening to her, so contradictory, one moment she is all about how you are so special, the next moment she brings the bad news. But it should be logical, the cause and the consequence, she does bring the bad news, does she not? And who “three”, three of them plotting, waiting, wishing, wanting to beat you up, kill you… what a hell she is talking about, and about this - what is going on in there, with you, do they even know, no they don’t, we are not all the same you know? Aw, everything is just fine, don’t mind you or the fact you fell, fell unconscious, injured your neck, head, whatever… they are all like that, or they are not? No, they are fucking not! Nobody is like that, what do you think why I am here? Table is set, there were smiling faces around it, yes it is a social dinner, we suppose to talk.

And yes to confirm the question, the question is very interesting, yes my actual message box is desolated wasteland, there is nothing in there. Who needs that, do you think I need that? After all of that?? It is clear as a day that I am sinking deeper and deeper through the layers, I am that requiem, and at the end probably the only thing that will remain is me.

Finally saved by the alarm clock, because I forgot to shut it off. But tell me, one thing I didn’t see, what do you think about me?