01 May 2019 /

AR artist Sebastian Errazuriz sculpts Elon Musk as a flamethrower-wielding angel


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Talking about the desperate attention clawing creative voodoo… I will do my best to be polite. But, my attention span is really shaky today, I might go a bit sideways. Nobody’s perfect.

UH! ##

Don’t ask any sensitive question here, lol it is plain and simple an art exhibition by Sebastian Errazuriz called ‘The Beginning of the End’ opening on May 1 at Elizabeth Collective in New York featuring many public characters. Some are artificial. But you know what? I do not really care about the politicians and new Romans in the robes, and I had always a special thing for angels, and it seems that an artist made only one with the pair. Of the wings.

And instead of the clothing and robes ( he is one that is nude) an artist decided to garnish Elon Musk’s sculpture with the weapons, a flamethrower, helmet, an armor … an each object wearing a logo of one of the Musk’s companies. I wonder where is a P for Paypal. Aw, I forgot! That pinecone fell of the tree some time ago. Ahem…

Unlike Musk who is actually likeable - that is only because of the wings of course - even with the AI arrow sticking out of his a… tight, and a very nasty facial expression ( it looks like “You are fired!”) aimed to whoever poked him with that prick… I mean an AI ARROW ( so it has to be an AI) …. some other sculptures are kind of creepy. An art exhibition opens today, so I am looking forward reading reactions.

I doubt anyone will criticize Musk’s sculpture too much, they may end up in Hungary plastered with glue and feathers, ass naked and strapped on a donkey… Neverrrrr mindddddd.

Also, I think that an artist thankfully took a lot of creative freedom while shaping that body, though he got the face really good. I look up on the Instagram and I found a video that shows a statue sideways, those wings are really fancy BUT… they are not big enough. Also, I think that a dagger - what a hell is that, a toothpick? - Give a man a sward, a full size fucking Excalibur and not a child size tool.

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INSTAGRAM EXPLANATION: ELON MUSK portrayed as a winged messenger representing the notion’s of “Exile or Escape” from a future social crisis. Wether it’s to escape of the grid to attempt to live autonomously isolated from a broken society or to leave earth as part of an effort to become an interplanetary species. The sculpture is 3d sculpted in software, then 3D printed and afterward will go through a silicon mold which will be used to cast a poured marble version. As always every aspect is carefully considered. Details of Elon Musk’s marble sculpture show the Tesla sign on his sword, scratches on the helmet for Space X, his infamous Booring Compared flame thrower on a side and we see him injured by an arrow marked AI for Artificial Intelligence.


I didn’t go much down into the comment section, basically because they all lost Grammarly and I am off corn … OFFSHOT … today to go into deeper meaning of things, but some people already gave their opinions. And received a very fast explanation.

No, I don’t think anyone doubts it, and yes the Photoshop was no different then and now, pretty much the same. That dude really nailed it. I mean he made a good point.

As for the Miz C, I don’t think I wish to hear that expo, but I am sure as hell Banks is cramming her horns headlong into a desk, because - what a wasted opportunity! Some time ago she added me on her favorite fan list and granted me a “secret society” membership obviously because I sound evil as fuck ( legit) and every second of my statuses is some crazy shit about the magic, demons and ghouls … in fact I was describing my cooking… I can validate first hand that at days, she was all about that corn, too bad it did not last. It was a highly entertaining read, I am in awe to her forever. And all was going so swell right until I posted something joyful and praised Miz Banks food recommendation to her… then her profile disappeared. Not blocked, not suspended, she just went missing altogether with her newly found cucumber obsession. Ts ts ts… and that happened just when I put my shit together to offer her my services as a ghostwriter.

Well, to wrap it up, this statue has definitely a more interesting plot behind it than one of the Muskox. - “ Wthfffff… iz Muzcocks?” you ask? Aw, just Google it. It is really stocky thing. Besides being hoofed and horned.

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