07 Feb 2020 /

AdBlock solution for publishers and visitors - Reader Mode


I made a diplomatic solution for all my visitors when it comes to the advert units and AdBlock. Now each blog post has a READER MODE and visitors can remove ALL presented adverts, videos and additional elements of a page (besides a comment form) by clicking on one single button.Reader mode is available both for desktop and mobile devices and looks like this.

Like anyone else, I dislike aggressive advertising

As a visitor, an advert blocker is only good for those pages where the ad units, Youtube videos, and other scripts are coming down on a visitor in such a number and frequency that they block and freeze a browser. Personally, the last thing I want is that some poor blogger misses a chunk of payment because I wanted to have a nifty advert blocker. Usually, the big news websites are the biggest culprits when it comes to badly placed scripts, overlapping videos and load size that my browser usually can’t stand - plus if I already have ten plus tabs opened, my browser just freezes.

For that reason, I use an AdBlock extension or Adblock enabled browsers myself, but if any page asks me politely to turn that OFF I will do it. But, if I find a gruesome number of ads, that I can’t stop from falling like a pile of bricks, there are only a few options I have left for that website.

As a publisher, I want my adverts to be presented ( in a normal way...)

As a publisher, I have ad units on my blog, but certainly not so many that they would in any way either obstruct a view to the content or impaired a loading speed.

Same as I don’t care if there are a few adverts on other people’s blogs, I also want my advert units to be presented, but I also want that my visitors HAVE an option to be able to remove ALL scripts from their view to scroll and read faster and easier.

I wanted to empower my audience's right to chose

So, I additionally styled and coded my blog posts that contain those advert units, media files, and scripts and created a reader mode.

Reader mode is not one single script or a plugin you can easily install. I had to make all parts manually and fit it inside of my theme.

... so I created a reader mode...

I had to install a script that will notice IF a user has an AdBlock and if it is ON. I had to tell that script to show a message informing my visitors that they have an option once the page is loaded so they can turn On ( engage) the reader mode. I had to tell that script to hide the rest of my post so that the audience would be interested to pause their respected blocking software. There are a few ways to read besides this script, hence a blog is on Github, self-explanatory anyone can read directly from my repository, but who has time for all of that…I had to make a script and toggle button to remove all parts of my page that should be hidden in Reader mode - I left only the chatbox, comment box, and BCH wallet button. I had to style that toggle button for Reader mode and make sure it is big enough for mobile devices as well.


Everything works smooth and I believe this is the best solution for publishers who use adverts but want to give the audience ability to opt out of additional parts of the page they do not want to see.