18 Feb 2020 /

Cash Week 2 Earnings February


In many things this week was different than the previous, I earned less but I got more time to learn other things. I included my social networks and statistic for my blog in this review.


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In second week Cent and Adsense are completely invisible, while majority of my earnings come from Memocash and Readcash.
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The growth chart shows that three websites: Readcash, Steem and Memocash.
Publish and Cent are very slow, and LBRY didn’t move because I didn’t invest time to socialize and I think I posted only one audio file there.
I believe the next week will be better as I was learning some better video techniques at least for presentations, so I will work more on that.

During the previous week I posted almost the same number of articles on four different crypto blogging websites. On the ReadCash I posted 7 , and on Cent, Publish0x and Steemit I published 6 an each. Almost an each article earned a completely different sums on every blogging platform.

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When looking in general, the informative article such as statistic about some earning opportunity or how much I make on a certain website seems to be best earning. But, that is only on ReadCash. The second earning is humor, but that is also only on Steemit.


Social networks can come handy, so I visited a few and refreshed which I didn’t use for a while. The number of my followers look like this for now.

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I have been 3.5 years on Steemit so the number of followers is not a surprise, but it could be better.
I mostly spend a lot of time on Twitter, so that one is also much bigger than the rest.
I didn’t include networks which I do not plan to use. From others I plan to develop a bit further Reddit, Saidit, LBRY and Facebook.


I didn’t post on my blog, but I was working on a few other scripts, so there was no time left for that.

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Visitors came predominately from US, but some other countries are also visible on chart. 40% of the traffic comes from the mobile browsers, which means that I have to mobile optimize my blog as much as I can.

enter image description here

Last 7 days were very slow and with few visits. IN comparison with previous 2 weeks this is very little.
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What more can you get from me?

The internet is such a great way to connect, and all that you use on it exists in the paid alternative. So, swap your old free apps and webs for the ones that will value your content and pay your time.

  • ReadCash -blog about anything and get rewarded in Bitcoin Cash
  • MemoCash - decentralized Bitcoin Cash Twitter alternative
  • LBRY - decentralized YouTube alternative, get paid in LBC, stake it or swap for BCH with SimpleSwap
  • Publish0x - maintain up to three blogs and get paid in BAT for writing and voting ( SimpleSwap supported)
  • SatoshiWall- monetize anything with Bitcoin Cash, sell your digital goods, music or photos
  • SpinBCH - fun game, spin and win some BCH
  • LocalBitcoinCash - trade, buy and earn BCH easily, find work, offer services
  • Skrill - FIAT and CRYPTO in one, debit card, bank cashouts and BCH wallet/exchange available