24 May 2019 /

Collection of usefull tools and and simple applications for Twitter


This is a collection of the simple tools that you can use to improve your Twitter experience, or any other included social media network.


Tweetdeck is the best way to maintain a few accounts or to monitor various things on Twitter.I check my followers with this and I can follow multiple interesting accounts across the network. Personally, I maintain my main Twitter account with statuses or links from my Github blog.


HootSuite will offer almost similar service, but you will have the ability to combine your Twitter with any other social feed.


IFTTT was good once, now it can be used for some things while others may not work as fast as it used to, or not work at all. I use is from time to time, but for some reason, it tends to skip things or it shows error. In any other way, this is a wonderful application and I highly recommend it.


DLVR.IT - free or paid, it has some great features and you should definitely take a look. The free version is limited but, still, it gives great results while sharing automated feeds with the monetized links.


Tweepi - one of the best analytics tools for the followers or list filtering. You will have to login with the Twitter and authorize the app to use it. Take a quick look into it.

You can combine Steem.Link and Shorte.st for example. One will give you a detailed analytics while other is monetization service for links.Once you short a random link in Shorte.st, paste and short it again in Steem.Link and post it on the social media of your choice.You can monitor incoming traffic to that link by pressing Clicks next to your shortlink in Steem.Link dashboard.


Tweeasy is simple and effective way to manage your account, automate direct messages and auto follow. You can schedule messages, change settings so that you follow and unfollow users, or to follow niche users, to follow Tweeasy users as well… There are a lot of options, and many of them are really useful and easy to set up.


Exchange or swap tweets with other users

  • Build links and drive traffic to your service, page, content or blog
  • Use it for sales, monetized links, LetGo, Amazon Affiliates
  • Provide a customer service directly on Twitter, answer questions and offer your expertise
  • Find a job - web design, programming, freelancing and ghostwriting opportunities

FameBit Marketplace

This is an affiliate marketing idea for Twitter. I don’t know how much cash a person can generate through the Famebit, but I am sure it is the best opportunity to take. You have to have 5k+ Twitter followers to join in.

Disclaimer: all YouTube videos are mine, pictures are free source, screencaptures or original digital art.