04 Feb 2020 /

Coronavirus: Vaccines are ok but probably not a good final solution for the ever-mutating viruses


Vaccines are OK, they save us from so many bad things from the day we are born, and without them, we would be condemned to a life of pain, suffering and ultimately a very bad end, but they are not the successful final solution for viral illnesses - immunization requires an exact time frame to develop a sufficient shield against diseases - and they can't be the end solution for the ever-mutating viruses. We battle plague as long a human species exists, and still, we are not entirely successful eradicating it.

Let me be a bit speculative for a moment and show you what a pandemic does in daily life to the micro economy - the last batch of items ordered from Aliexpress still awaiting shipment. I don’t know if that is a consequence of a coronavirus or what, but it seems that items have been suspended for a bit longer than usual.

In my opinion, the virus has spread before we even heard of it and the world-wide occurrence outside of a China-mainland is just aftermath.

And this is not the only worry, soon a real killer virus will start to blast havoc - like it does every year - a common flue. The death toll of the common flue is a multitude of times bigger than coronavirus and it is far more dangerous.

It is no longer a secret why some people suffer or even die from a flue, and some people do not even feel it, as a whole mystery lies in the genetic coding, immunity or even non-compatible proteins that just doesn’t fit the virus so it is eradicated before any significant damage…

There should be no problem to estimate why people of one environment, geo-location or gene type do not get any severe symptoms and apply whatever is a key factor to the rest of the human population to save lives.

The obscene cases or puritan repulsiveness against scientific methods that can save an enormous number of people - ailing old people and small children are the most obvious victims - I consider dishonest and even dangerous. Fake morality under the blanket statement of religion, ethics, misinformation, and fear will probably be our doom.

Cover image attribution -What is Croatia Doing to Prevent the Spreading of the New Coronavirus?

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