12 Feb 2020 /

Decentralized censorship-resistant YouTube alternatives


Recently I published a status on Twitter that got some traction from other users. Apparently the YouTube performed a notorious Christmas purge, removing numerous accounts and cleaning their platform of the unwanted later to claim - as said in an article - that it was a mistake.

Now, in one hand, I am not surprised, because I saw some stuff people post, and I personally think that they need some serious hallucinogens to become normal again.

And I am not talking about some smart things, the crypto or whatever, I am talking about simple acts of a pure mental degeneration and emotional emptiness, like using the cartoons that are meant for children or even toddlers to express an adult state of a messed up mind… No spoilers!

So, I don’t really know and I don’t want to check what the YouTube removed, I don’t even care that much. My own channel was demonetized because I couldn’t reach subscriber and view count.

When I go to the YouTube, I go to seek the music, movie trailers and tutorials on how to do some things.

And there are a huge number of people who do exactly that and nothing else. So, from my standpoint, I doubt the YouTube will fall.

But, if anyone for any reason has been banned, or can not reach that magical number of subscribers in order to earn from their channel then I suggest leaning toward alternatives.

Youtube ‘Christmas Purge’ Has Content Creators Pointing to These Alternate Platforms Now, this article suggests a few alternative platforms, but not all. There are more.

The benefit of all of them is that they already have a population, audience and you don’t need to seek external sources of traffic.

The downfall is that an each of these has more demanding audience, while the people who use the YouTube as their primary video source are more laid back.


Now, because my content is in majority textual, I don’t need to use those platforms. I personally use the blockchain technology to get my posts out, my preferable social platform is the Memocash and for video uploads if I have any I use self-hosted IPFS which node I ran myself.

And any of those links I can share into any social platform I like, not limited to the Facebook and Twitter - Minds, Gab, Ekonty, Mewe, Friendster, Amino - name it.

The other suggested YouTube alternatives are: Bitchute, Bittubers, CinemaCash, Dtube, Dlive, Flote, Lbry and Peertube, which are said to be decentralized and censorship-resistant platforms.


Bitchute looks like something that I could use, it has fairly simple monetization with a few payment options with tips and they are experimenting with new ways to monetize content.


Bittubers need a phone number to verify and earning method is thought the donations.


CinemaCash is tip made simple with BCH. Video upload includes URL upload, so we can transfer our videos from the YouTube in there. Or content from any other channel that we do not control? This remains a question, but I don’t think the last one is a great idea.


DTube is part of the STEEM ecosystem, you get paid in STEEM based on upvotes of other users’s staked power after 7 day payout waiting time for an each post. If you are interested there is also VimmTV on STEEM.


DLive is available for streaming at first,but you have to become affiliate and partner before you can upload videos directly. Payout is made in cryptocurrency of Lino blockchain.


Flote is monetized with monthly payments which the users can set up for an each author individually.


LBRY is not a web app but desktop video app. You have to install it on your PC or laptop in order to use it. Verification is easy and fast, in case you need any help with it their discord staff will help you out. They are very friendly and fast. Users get small rewards for doing various thing on the platform.


Peertube includes an entire decentralized network with numerous instances. You can create an account fast and pick an instance with your favorite niches.

Depending on your preferences you can pick any of these, I will stick to the IPFS and maybe test some of the listed apps for fun.