Hell-Oh, Black Wave!

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I don’t favor getting even as long

that little hog gets away with the fever.

Struck the pounding when calling the helpline,

how you just summoned it, summoned something,

but no! I am! You knew it!

Wipe the tar that’s never clean and gone,

left alone, that call, who did you call, bad boy?


Hell-Oh, Black Wave!


Time’s up, so put an end to a spade,

be one of them, their game is

a morbid jail pool, breatheeee…

and then give up - the hope.

Your soul’s infernal!

So hell-oh, calm and cold the eternal void,

a skin of forever throughout your eye,

skin to skin, and shivers. You… all the rumors were true.

Fare away, farewell is here… therefore; welcome.


Hell-Oh, Black Wave!


Heroes will die, the light will fade,

the world will end in fire and flame.

And everything you’re afraid will come true,

it will come true just for you, Man!, for you,

Man!, for you, you, you… For you!

Little pig caught a cold, a bug in his soul,

in his mind

little frogs in a pond put his rod on reload,

on repeat his itch speaks

like an illness howls through the open door;

Man!, he dreams my name, Man! my name,

in a black, black, blaaaaaack … wave,

Man!, my name, name, name, my name!


Hell-Oh, Black Wave!

17 Jun 2018