03 Feb 2020 /

How to find and see my old tweets


How to find old tweets is kind of a problem when you come at the end of what seems to be the end of your Twitter feed, but you know it is not... There is more but you can not see it.

So, you wish to make some sense of your Twitter account ( or surf any random account on the Twitter). It is a part of your NY resolution or whatever, so you desire to remove all the tweets and links you don’t want there. You scroll down your profile feed, and you hit a wall. You can’t fetch your older tweets because you made so many tweets and retweets, it is impossible.

You delete some of the ones you don’t need, try again and a problem persists. How to find old tweets seems impossible without some sort of application. People rarely want to verify external apps for Twitter, as they don’t know if they are safe or not.

Well, you don’t need that. Here is one simple trick that you can use, and you don’t need programming skills or extra external apps.

Type something like this in the Twitter search box ( username without @):

from:username since:2019-10-01 until:2019-10-10

This will give you 10 days of tweets and you can surf or tidy them in a way you wish. You can make a time frame bigger or shorter. It can be seven days, twenty days or a month. It depends on how many statuses you made and if a search will find everything. So, I recommend a shorter time frame for better results.

I hope this little trick on how to find old tweets will help you make order in your Twitter account.