11 May 2019 /

List of monetized video/audio crypto based and other websites


This is a short list of sound/video upload platforms that provide revenue to their members.
Most of these platforms are crypto based and some pay in Paypal and similar methods.

Once I learn more and once I test an each platform I will report back with results.

Vimm - STEEM based video streaming platform.
Dtube - STEEM based video upload platform
Dsound - STEEM based sound upload platform

Bittube - video platform, watch and upload
Viewly - eth tokenized testing video platform
Dlive - LINO tokenized video streaming platform
Musiccoin -
Atomcollector - a complete dashboard for musicians
Choon - NOTE blockchain
Bitchute - tips, multiple processors
Flixxo - desktop application, watch, upload, seed
Brighteon - on invite
Joinpeertube - decentralized video platform
Youtube - a well known platform
Bitbacker - reward platform, tips

LBRY - has to be downloaded on the device
Freedom! -
Patreon - membership plans for your fans and subscribers
Dailymotion - Youtube alternative
Twitch - Youtube alternative