December, no gravity



Please don’t call the Devil, the Devil’s in me,
I’m his glittering Hell,
and he doesn’t answer my calls, anymore.
Please don’t call the God, I don’t want to know,
I don’t want to hear his voice,
his voice is all over me,
who you are, what I am.

Everything stopped; the air, the planet is slowing, the gravity…
Everything; time is dropping pace,
like the temperature, the curvature,
all the lakes are the perfect reflection of the terror.
The darkness pulls me up, the sky,
his voice is all over me,
burning the dust, the rust
-but there is no stopping, free will, no gravity….

December, I know, when it’s over, I’ll burn,
in its ice,
because I have no center, everything stops.

I’m the pearly angel, my wings shine high and wide
in an ocean of time,
shine like a pearly line of the burning jewels.
But, it cuts my chest cold,
from the inside out,
and there is a solar flare with my name,
and I am a diamond mountain on its way.

No gravity…