It’s never enough



The disappointment is understandable, but
My rage is incomprehensible.
How many times alone
You killed me in your mind.
Your hate ate out my heart
Like a fire.
I substituted it with a rock,
Cold as Arctic.

I had that feeling, yes,
Similar to this,
The clothes filled with empty madness,
Walls one must pretend
Because for real, there is nothing behind them.

I had that feeling, yes,
Through your skin.

It is a commotion of touch, no sound, no pain, no sight.

Not here, not now.

You know it as good as me,
But still, I died how many times.
How many times, how many ways in your mind.

This is a trap and I am not that cruel, you don’t deserve the truth.

It’s never enough, the only thing to regret is a pity after,
And that strange tension.

Nothing is so diminishing,
to be condemned
By the innocence.

It is the pity after, what stays, and that light.
Reality-dream, dream-reality,
It doesn’t matter.
It happened.