Order of 2



2 miles deep in my grave
writing a song to a dead dog
I’m sitting next to a bare bone
it’s 6 feet deep into my soul.

It’s dark where I’m coming from,
should I ever get out you won’t like it,
not like it at all.
Should I sit in here while the music rages top above?
Because, I bet you know, time is running to fill up the cave.
2 miles deep into my grave
it’s 2 of us 2 many,
it’s a bunch of people being 2 alive,
it’s 2 of us… being 2 mad…
2 things 2 be a perfect choice,
it’s only 2 words you are waiting for,
silver or gold.
I bet you know that ring of a joy
2 seconds before, I bet you can feel, if not you will,
2 inches before it’s gone.

I will take this plate out with me
because this is not a social dinner,
this is a house on the lake and
a key is in my pocket,
it’s a snake from your garden.