09 Jun 2019 /

PAID CRYPTO BLOGGING - Where to blog and earn crypto in June 2019?


I have made that huge crypto web list, which I maintain on the monthly level for the last 3 months now, but I did not specify which webs will I do personally and because there are so many of them, I limited my time on only a few.

My personal blog is on the first place and everything that goes with it, including my Discord server, ebooks ( soon), freelancing and video/sound platforms.

From other webs I will do these three groups.


  1. Sharpay - This is a tokenised social sharing widget on my blog.
  2. Presearch - paid search engine, sits in my browser and rewards me for using it.
  3. Narrative (new) - New blogging websites.
  4. Creary - Creative community, I am using it as an additional host for my digital works of art.
  5. Bitcash webs ( Memocash, Yours, Honestcash) - Memocash is a decentralized Twitter alternative, and I am very satisfied with it. Others are tip based blogging webs.

Daily Activity

Nothing to say about this group I do it almost every day.

  1. Steemit
  2. Whaleshares
  3. Weku
  4. Golos
  5. Smoke


An each is different, Trybe is more oriented towards science, technology and education, while the Uptrennd is all-crypto blogging platform.

  1. Stish
  2. Publish0x
  3. Cent
  4. Trybe
  5. Uptrennd ( new)

For more details about an each website, you can visit the article on my blog below , it contains all data in detail.

  1. List of alternative social media, paid crypto blogging and other websites
  2. Crypto tickers from various coins/platforms
  3. Imgur - Free Image Attribution