09 Apr 2019 /

Scribbling mental charts and overworking myself into the oblivion


The weekend was very long, depressing and tiresome for us, so instead being down and all blue I was overworking myself into the oblivion, for two full days I was doing the whole day online working. From 6, maybe 5 in the morning till after the midnight, I guess.

My ten year old kid got sick on top of all she went through in the last three weeks and cold is no fun for at all, especially because she has to give herself insulin shots every few hours in her stomach plus one in a leg for 24-hour slow insulin in the evening.

Everyone reacts differently on those shots, by now her stomach and tights are covered in bruises from insulin shots, and no matter how tiny those needles are and how painless they are… it is just heartbreaking to watch.

Today while she was counting those mini bruises she finally asked me if her condition is really till the end of her life and is she going to be healthy ever again. I couldn’t lie to her, I told her the truth. So, instead of writing something so smart and eloquent, you know, to fancy all you beautiful party people, I just decided to post things I scribbled while signing up on the long list of the webs that will probably make a small contribution towards buying some device that will substitute all that needle job that my kid is a subject to.

I will soon acquire the reader and sensors for her glucose so that she doesn’t need to constantly poke her fingers which is a required procedure for the basic equipment. That is disturbing, but insulin shots leave the bruises and sometimes are not so painless like they should be.

I hoped I could take her out this weekend, but instead she got a throat infection and running nose, plus weather was against us, rain pretty much the whole weekend.

All my online earning methods and website blogging is focused on acquiring this device for my ten year old daughter who is diagnosed with type 1 auto-immune diabetes. She has all the basic equipment given for free but glucose sensor and reader would make her life much easier. It would cut the poking for frequent blood glucose tests in half. Currently I can’t limit the test stripes which are free but limited because she is in the state of remission so her blood glucose level drops are frequent. I am not a long sleeper and I have to monitor her even during the night and make tests while she sleeps to prevent the night hypoglycemia. So far I am doing a proper job but finger blood test on a sleeping child is a pretty clumsy thing to do. The both things cost around 200 dollars or so, and a sensor lasts only for 14 days, so per month she would need two sensors. You can find all the proper information about it online with much better description than mine. There are other devices but they are very high in price and with gov support program she could maybe get these in two years, so I will be making every possible effort to afford her this as soon as possible.

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