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06 May 2019

Tau’s own bots

Clint (Law) is a deletion bot. It will remove links where they do not belong. Clint will allow you to paste links from giphy, instagram, imgur, youtube and github ( including gists). Use command !allowed, to see the list of allowed websites.
Stranger bot works in #post-promotion purging out all links that are not listed plus discord invites. Use command !list to see the list of allowed links.
Major is installed only for one purpose. And it is to shoot down anything that looks like a discord invite. Use DM.
Ellen is so far made to be a public poll bot and you can use it in #public-polls.

BitBotBOT steem
$price - Shows price of a coin from CoinMarketCap
$bts - Shows price of all the bitshare coin
$convert - Convert your crypto coins
$buildteam - Gets instant detail about the buildteam coin
$created - Get latest post of certain tag from Steemit
$hot - Get hot post of certain tag from Steemit
$trending - Get trending post of certain tag from Steemit
$accounts - Get total accounts in Steemit
$top - Get top crypto coins
$rank - Get the rank of your favorite crypto coin
$new - Get the details of latest coins added
$vp - Get the user’s Voting Power
Try typing a command to get detailed help for it.

Giveaway bot
!ghelp - shows the available commands
!gcreate - creates a giveaway (interactive setup)

Currently available commands
!exchange - shows prices across all NIM exchanges.
!conv [amount] [cur1] [cur2] - convert from currency 1 to 2. Supports most fiats/cryptos.
!graph [3h/6h/1d/1w/1m/3m] - show candle graph for selected time range.
!network - get hashrate/network statistics.
!bal - check balance of faucet.
!claim [addr] - claim 0.25NIM per hour from faucet.

Commands for Invite manager are:
!invite - see how many people you invited
!invite username - see invites of a specific user
!leaderboard - see the list ============

Blocky Usage
For help with a specific command use ‘/blocky [command] help’
Coin Price Info /blocky [coin name/symbol]
Coin Price Chart /blocky chart […]
Get Wiki Info /blocky wiki […]
Global Market Data /blocky global
Calendar Events /blocky events […]
Get Coin News /blocky news […]
Get Best and Worst Movers /blocky top5
Get Top Coins by Rank /blocky rank [1-20]
Currency Conversion /blocky convert […]
Airdrops /blocky airdrops | Install Kyte here
Get Balance of ETH Wallet /blocky balance 0x12345ABC6789DEFghi0987Jk6543LMNopQR210T
Bug Reports and Reviews /blocky support [bug / review] [your message]

Kyte Help

Get active airdrops /kyte active
Get hot airdrops /kyte hot
Get airdrops ending in 3 days /kyte ending
Get this help information /kyte help
Install Kyte to the current channel (default language - English) /kyte install
Install Kyte to the current channel (other language) /kyte install [es - Spanish | fr - French]
Change Kyte’s default language /kyte lang [es - Spanish | fr - French | en - English]
Remove Kyte from the current channel /kyte uninstall
Leave us feedback or report a bug /kyte support [bug/review] [your message]
Read the Disclaimer /kyte disclaimer

CryptoBot Help

crypto help - main call

help - this message
credits - get some information about how the bot was made
address - set a coin address
addresses - get addresses for yourself or another user
code - generate a QR code so that people can pay you cryptocurrency
coins - get supported coins
price - get a coin price
shapeshift - turn one coin into another
v - vCurrency


.help - basic call

auction, calc, cookie, charinfo, choose, customreaction, define, encrypt, decrypt, giveaway, googlesheets, length, replace, notepad, profile, remind, rquiz, spellcheck, synonyms, antonyms, shorten, todo, translate, weather, yt

Fun (underlined have multiplayer available)
anagram, connect4, face, flappybirds, story, trivia, typing, 8ball

help, rules, privacy, avatar, id, info, ping, symbol

suggest, report, sendfeedback

permissions, dmifcantsend, prefix, premium, embedcolour, redeem


!help - basic call

Levels Plugin Commands

!levels Get a link to the leaderboard
!rank (optional member) Get the rank of anyone in the server

Search Plugin Commands

!anime [search] Search for any anime on Kitsu.io
!imgur [search] Search for memes on imgur.com
!manga [search] Search for any manga on Kitsu.io
!pokemon [search] Search for any pokémon on the pokéapi pokédex
!twitch [search] Search for any streamer on Twitch.tv
!urban [search] Search for slang words on the Urban Dictionnary
!youtube [search] Search for YouTube videos

Commands Plugin Commands

!apps An awesome command!
!codex An awesome command!
Moderator Plugin Commands
!ban [member] (optional reason)
Bans a member from the server
!tempban [member] [duration] (optional reason)
Temporarly bans a member from the server
!clear (optional member) (optional count)
Clears messages in a particular channel
!kick [member] (optional reason)
Kicks a member from the server
!slowmode (optional timeout) (optional off)
Enables/Disables slowmode in a channel
!warn [member] (optional reason)
Warns a member


-help - basic call

-guild Shows some information about the guild/server.
-user [user] -user
-user @ user Shows some information about the user.
-invite This command will give you a link that you may use to add the bot. Also should contain our Discord guild invite.
-help Get the documentation for usage of the bot (Which should lead you here).
-ping Not much to the ping command, except that it outputs a random quote that we have stored on the bots config.
-serverid This command simply outputs the servers unique ID, usually used for debugging.
-self This command outputs the user ID of whoever runs the command.
-chid This outputs the channel ID you use the command in.

-about This will show a bit of information about the bot.
-changelog This will output the bots recent changes in order of latest to oldest.

-poll {question} Do you think we shold remove memes? This is for simple yes/no questions, but will have support for more complex multi-choice questions.

-reddit {subreddit name} {sort option} -reddit worldnews rising View reddit posts using this command! It has the following sort options:
comments, controversial, hot, gilded, new, promoted, rising, top


$help - basic call

$rep - gets the current reputation for an account
$age [url] - gets the age of the article at url or ^ to get the age of the last steemit link
$slap [target] - does a slap on the target
$feed [type] [chain] [limit] - gets the mean average of type (default: price) on chain (default: steem) for top limit (default: 19) witnesses
$stats - some statistics
$first [+offset] - first blog post for account plus optional offset
$proxy - list everyone who uses account as a proxy
$power - current voting power of account
$price - current price of symbols
$voting [minutes] [accounts] - voting as of minutes ago (defaults: 10 minutes; all accounts)
$avatar - avatar of account
$upvote [url] - upvote from banjo; empty or ^ to upvote last steemit link
$mvests [account(s)] - current MVESTS (steem)
$mgests [account(s)] - current MGESTS (golos)
$ticker - current prices
$latest [-offset] - latest blog post for account minus optional offset
$supply - current supply
$routes - list vesting routes to account
$verify [chain] - check account association with Discord users (chain default steem)
$witness - list witness information about account
$follows - followers/following information for account
$register [chain] - associate account with your Discord user (chain default steem)
$hardfork - information about the current hardfork
$promoted - post promotion totals
$rewardpool - reward pool information
$calcreward [url] - calculate the impact of this url or ^ to caclulate the last steemit link
$wolframalpha - do a query on wolframahlpa

Quick Link commands: $faq $welcome $whitepaper $tools $headphones