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Free media search; copy image link for your cover.
Youtube search You can also swap codes like this and create a cover from a Youtube video.

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About Magic Clover posting app

Magic Clover is posting application for STEEM. The private posting key is not saved by this form and exists only in your browser until you close this page. Magic Clover is maintained by @aschatria.

Posting with this app is completely free. If you want to suggest some modifications to it, please contact the admin in Discord server or Discord PM.

Advantages of this app are listed below and there are more to come.

App will add a link back to this page and a small image in the post footer.If you don't like it or wish not to keep it, you can easily edit your post in any steem frontend and remove the badge.

If it glitches simply change or shuffle the tags a bit, or URL of the post.

Advantages of this app:
- Custom URL
- Easy search for images and videos
- Upload images and host it on external ImgBB server
- Text styling with seperate boxes
- Word count
- Custom text dividers
- Resources and Branding box for your footer codes
- Ability to post while Steemit is down.

Where can you find your images for later, or in case a popup skips?
Go to the Imgbb and sign for a profile.
Then you can find all your images inside of a image upload pupup like this.

Click image upload, go to menu, click on profile and search an image, copy a code.
That is all.

HTML for adding images and links
Image code:
<img src="url"/>
Link code:
<a href="url">Text</a>
Linked image:
<a href="url"><img src="url"/></a>