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Steemit English language imporvement application list

06 Jun 2018

If you are not a native English writer you could be facing some serious troubles on Steemit. You see, the Steemit is all about the quality and community, so the good knowledge of an English language is a must.

There are also various ways how to improve and polish your writing. Here are some apps that can help you with it.

  1. Grammarly - checks on grammar, typo simple things!
  2. Languagetool - this one finds a second set to polish writing
  3. Paperrater - more complex things, use 10th grade, blog in settings and go to Print report to see details
  4. Flocabulary - start from this and go up for new words, the more words you know and use, the better you know English ( change to 7th 8th and so on in link to pick other sheets)
  5. Wordweb - huge dictionary, I use it, it is great
  6. Zenpen - Editor for writing, easy on eye, mark Save format and click CRTL + C, then copy/paste in your text editor,
  7. Typewrittr - “Distraction-free minimal & inspirational online text editor” for inspiration, has more options, very nice ambient for creative writing