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Tau Raghallach

TR is a multipurpose Discord server.

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Categories and channels:
intro-and-rules - basic rules,list of channels
announcements - only important stuff, urgent, warnings
blog - writing whatever admin does
rewards - list of things I can share around
change-your-role - useful role changing for notification and similar
coffee-lounge - chitchat, no links (Type !allowed to see what you can link in.)
garage - WRITE DESCRIPTION: contest, useful stuff, referrals, airdrops, anything $$-making.
job-board - Need something done!? Post here!
post-promotion - All links from the websites included into a Crypto Webs List. No plags! Type !list to see what you can paste.
archives - library, database, knowledge collection
crypto-webs-list - website list you can share in #post-promotion
social-media - social media website list you can share in #post-promotion
register-afiabot - you can register Afia bot, notification bot for Whaleshares
server-bot-commands - list of commands you can use with various bots listed below.
banjo - for Steemit posts, chatbot.
mee6 - user role changing and similar, welcome bot.
clint-eastwood - deletion bot
stranger-bot - info/deletion bot

Maintained by @aschatria.