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Twizzle and Rain

  It’s a heavy burden

to make a living as a shrink,

a kink to an every fool

whose life sums up movies and eating.

Trying to contemplate the sunset,

the reason to everything,

while listening constantly

some stupid kind a champ

whose soul revolves

around self-pity and grieving…


Have you ever heard a person’s crying

for being in love with Nutella?


Then you haven’t seen it all.

No, you haven’t at all.


Have you ever heard a person’s trying

to marry a bobcat doll?


Well, then you have seen nothing at all.

No, you have not!


‘Sorry boss, it’s a twizzle and rain,

again that crazy one who waltzed down the drain.’


‘Secretary, please hold all the calls,

till he fizzles 7Up with a pack of

sewerage flavored all-weather balls.’