15 Jun 2019 /

Weekly analyses report - multiple websites


Today is good day as any to make my weekly statistic. I only made a statistic for my articles and I did not count how much I made in the secondary websites as I am only accumulating points there. The whole thing is just a big bowl of the lemonade with a monkey stick in it.

Last Edit: 15.06.2019.

⚫️ My primary writing websites (8+1) - This week I wrote 6 posts and earned $6.210 in total for those articles.
STEEM (0.40) Weku (0.004) Stish (0.005) Whaleshares ( 0.01) Smoke (0.008) Cent ( 253.44)
Honest/Memocash (417.55) Publish0x: - Bounty0x (0.05) - Project Hydro (0.02) - DAI Stable coin (1.01)

⚫️ Earnings per primary website ( in USD)
Cent: 1.210 Whaleshares: 1.680 Publish: 0.870
STEEM: 0.864 Weku: 0.792 Stish: 0.76
Smoke: 0.034 Honest/MemoCash: 0 Github blog:

⚫️ My three best paid articles are : 1. Alternatives to popular social media platforms, websites and services #internet #money #crypto (1.174)
2. PARODY - ANCIENT ALIEN - Gonna go vaycay on a fair planet with #fiction #fantasy (1.172)
3. PAID CRYPTO BLOGGING - Where to blog and earn crypto in June 2019? #internet #money #crypto (1.128)

⚫️ My secondary writing websites (10)- I have nine websites in total in which I participated in the previous week. I stake/hodl these coins and probably will not power down soon. Value of the coins are expressed in the current values, price per token in USD.
PAL (0.160) Creary (0.058) Narrative (0.01) Uptrennd (0.007) Golos (0.006)
SprtsHub (0.005) Trybe (0.001) Beashares (0.0003) Jamaa (?) Hyperspace (? )

⚫️ I will do these websites till July, and see which one will give the best results. I plan to keep 7 in an each group, the least performing are going to be taken off and placed on the “frozen” list.
Secondary list is the testing list, all these websites with an exception of Trybe are very new to me. As for the commenting activity I will change that but only where it is absolutely necessary. Social media sharing was during this week put aside so I can do more writing on my blog, I shared my posts from Publish0x on Twitter and Reddit, and my posts from Github blog to various websites.

⚫️ Novelties are: Cent has a new policy, terms… better read it, Whaleshares cut off Rudex momentarily ( I stopped my power down), Publish0x is getting more spam, same as Narrative and Uptrennd with the Uptrennd leading, as it allows people to earn points by comment spam. Beashares has the lowest price, while Golos gives the smallest earnings, and for NUVO from the Jamaa I still have no clue about the market value. Hyperspace will probably leave the list, as besides Nigeria it only approves United States and the richest EU countries so I can not verify in this moment, but has majority of traffic from the Israel (???).