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What NOT to do on Steemit

11 Jun 2018

Whatever you do on Steemit, never ever do these any of these things:

Comment Spam and Spam in general Don’t leave meaningless, short comments or copy/paste one the same comment numerous times, like links, ‘nice post’, or similar. Always make your comment relevant.

Copy/Paste and Plagiarism Coping the entire text or partially text is considered a theft, and will result in both flagging, blacklisting and even banning from the certain groups.

Cybersecurity Threats and Harassment You can’t make threats or harass people on Steemit. They will either retaliate or send Steemit sheriffs on you.

Identity Theft/Deception Identity theft is basically when you pretend to be another but a real person, and it includes either links or photos of some other person. Identity theft is not personal privacy protection when your name is Mary but you say it is Sally. That is not it.

Photo/Image Plagiarism Don’t paste images into Steemit posts that don’t belong to you. If you use the free attribution images always paste the link where you took it from either under the image or in the bottom of your post.

Tag Abuse and Tag Spam Using tags on posts that are not topically related to those tags is similar to spam. If are sharing your post under the category that has nothing to do with your subject is considered spam. Using the special manes of communities you belong to in tags is not considered as the spam.

Unverified Identity This doesn’t mean you have to post your ID on Steemit, this simply means that you can’t paste your online identity link somewhere on Steemit profile ( or posts) without verifying it is you. In other words, if you link in Twitter, your posts should be visible on that Twitter account.