24 Aug 2019 /

Working on my stories and exploring (crypto) communities


I am not even sure what should I write today, and I blame my headache for that. The last few days were quite different for me, didn't write that much. I have three fiction stories hanging above my head and a big pile of reading material to finish due last year, lol.


The only thing that was steady in the previous week was my activity on the Memocash, Twitter, and Gab.
I managed to get a few new users on the Memocash, some found it to be interesting, others not so much. It is not my place to think if they like it or not, personally I just like when my stuff can’t be deleted, suspended or sabotaged.
Memo.cash is advancing and they added a few things that we did not have before, for me as the end user some things are essential, other can debate it but at the end everything comes down to a fact do we like certain thing or not.

I frequently think what if my Github blog somehow gets deleted and I am also thinking about the way to decentralize that part of my activity. I frequently make the backups and download the whole thing, but I will need to find a more permanent solution, and a better one. I also need to transfer more small online tools and scripts there, so I can have all these things in one place. I hate when I need to jump around looking for some random tool nobody ever heard off, lol.

During the last few weeks I was updating mostly my fiction, so you can see my blogs populated with the Harrowing Saw story. This should be placed on the separate blog ( or even the private one) so I can work further on it and shape it in an ebook. I am closely monitoring people who write fiction on steem and also publish ebooks, I hope soon I will be ready to release my own work the same.

I had this run-on idea out of the blue to start a new storyline… Just random thinking - until we stop absorbing life energy of other beings both plants & animals we’re going nowhere. I know that grazing is a trend, but maybe transcending our own nature is a better solution.For a start, you can try living of the sun energy, rust and soylent green, as that will be very useful for you on the Red Dwarf …😂 ..where Musk plans to retire with his mustard bros and knights templars leaving us unlucky bastards to drown in war, famine and diseases.Man he will be living in paradise, what a planet of joy, and we will be stuck here on germ infected moist dirt ball eating radioactive oysters. Note to future self, tomorrow morning, start fiction-storming on subject. 🤣

Of course this is a complete joke. I need more than an idea to write a whole story.

Another page I enjoy is Gab.io, it is a free speech platform, so a person can see all kind of things there and they also started a very aggressive campaign, which I appreciate, the people should know there is an alternative to the Facebook where your profile will not be deleted and also a platform who doesn’t want/need to read your mind or to sell your data to the advertisers.

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